Historically, Avec GmbH is a competent partner with many years of experience in the field of industrial services. Here, it is characterized above all by a broad range of services, which makes it possible to manage large-scale projects with corresponding manpower in the simple field of activity as well as the individual project solution with specialists.

In addition, Avec GmbH has not only attached its success to the presentation of the service, but also to the subsequent implementation of optimization processes. This sets it apart from the mass of service providers.

Take advantage of the non-binding offer to carry out a professional analysis of your current situation in order to then obtain solutions that can be realized with all factors in mind.


Avec Umwelt GmbH currently manages two LVP sorting plants in Germany. One of the main focuses of care is the manual sorting of plastic waste, and secondly, the use of skilled personnel for plant technology in this area.

Each of us knows the importance of the consequences of our handling of plastic waste. For our health and for the benefit of future generations, it is crucial to participate in the preservation of our nature and our quality of life through the proper handling of the disposal of plastic garbage.

Avec Umwelt GmbH and Avec Umweltservice GmbH make a decisive contribution to the proper selection of the various types of plastic by trained personnel. The highly complex plant technology and the final manually controlled sorting will ensure that this waste is responsibly recycled.

We are happy to present you non-binding concepts and solutions in the field of LVP systems care with qualified personnel and support you in finding suitable professionals.


In August 2010, I started working in the human resources sector. After being interims manager in the personnel service, I was responsible for carrying out large-scale projects in the range of On Site Management. Currently, I work as CEO at Avec Umwelt GmbH. Me and my team offer organization of all subjects in the human resources sector as well as a structured crisis management in this respect.

The order of the customer has always been and still is very important for us, but always under the most important precondition that the employee is satisfied with his work and receives a respectful and fair treatment from us and the customer. The employee stands at the forefront of the work and represents our company. Meanwhile, my aim is to work together with people from various branches on new projects and value each new challenge as a compulsory task with guaranteed success.

Especially, the issue of waste disposal, which I currently regard as an important topic not only out of the political context, offers many opportunities to people from domestic and foreign countries to find a promising employment.

It is our personal aim to guarantee our availability for interested companies of every branch and potential customers, who aim for optimizing their human resources department, who want to carry out restructuring measures or who have to face with problems. Please be sure that I will listen to your request willingly and nonbinding, but, nevertheless, not every task can be evaluated as realizable. However, in case of a collaboration, I guarantee satisfaction of all parties, i. e. you, the employees and us. With this in mind, I look forward to hearing from you.